Taxi Driver Training And Regulations In Guildford

Taxi Driver Training And Regulations In Guildford

Guildford is a bustling town in Surrey, England, known for its historic landmarks, stunning countryside, and vibrant culture. Thousands of tourists come every year to visit this beautiful town. To accommodate the traveling necessities of locals and tourists, it is also home to a thriving taxi industry, with hundreds of licensed taxis in the town. However, with the increase in the number of taxi services comes the responsibility of ensuring the safety and quality of the service provided to the public. Every driver has to follow certain rules and regulations and a strict training protocol before getting their license. Let's explore Guildford's taxi driver training and regulations, highlighting the measures to ensure the town's taxis are safe, reliable, and professional.


Training Requirements For In Guildford

If an individual wants to become a licensed taxi driver in Guildford, they must meet a set of requirements set by the local council. These requirements ensure that the driver, passengers, other citizens, and the property are safe and sound. Some of the major requirements include;



The minimum age to apply for a taxi driver's license in Guildford is at least 21. No matter how skillful an underage driver is, it can be a hazard for the passenger. An underage person cannot get a UK taxi driver's license.


Driving Licence

Before getting a taxi driver's license, every applicant should have a full UK driving license, held for at least a year, with no more than six penalty points. More penalty points mean that the applicant still needs to gain some skills needed to be learned before becoming a licensed taxi driver.


Medical Examination

Every applicant must undergo a medical examination to ensure they are fit to drive and free from any medical conditions affecting their ability to drive. In any case of disability or other medical condition, the applicant becomes unfit for the license.


Criminal Record Check

Applicants are also run through a criminal record check, known as a DBS check, to ensure that they have no prior convictions that would make them unsuitable to hold a taxi driver's license. A person with any criminal record, small or minor, has no right to hold a taxi driver's license.


Knowledge Test

A knowledge test is also conducted for the applicants to demonstrate their knowledge of Guildford's roads, landmarks, and other essential information required to provide a professional taxi service. A licensed taxi driver must be knowledgeable enough to guide tourists or new people who must know the routes.


English Language Proficiency

Applicants also need to demonstrate their proficiency in the English language, both written and spoken, to ensure they can communicate effectively with their passengers and other road users. Effective communication is necessary so passengers feel comfortable and clear any queries during the ride.

Once the above requirements are met, all applicants must complete a 16-hour training course covering topics such as customer service, disability awareness, and safe driving. The requirements are designed thoughtfully and cover all the aspects needed to ensure a safe driving experience. The training equips drivers with the knowledge and skills to provide their customers with a professional and safe taxi service.


Regulations For Taxi Drivers In Guildford

Even after getting the license, drivers are not free to do whatever they want. Some certain rules and regulations must be followed. Guildford Council has set out several taxi driver regulations that every driver must comply with to maintain their license. These regulations include;


Vehicle Requirements

Every taxi in Guildford must meet specific vehicle requirements, such as being under seven years old and having a valid MOT certificate. Moreover, they must undergo regular safety checks to ensure they are in good condition and operating safely.


Fare Structure

All taxi drivers must display their fare structure inside their vehicle so that passengers can see it clearly, and fares must be charged following the council's guidelines. If any driver charges extra, they may face serious consequences. It may be a fine, suspension for a few days, or, worst case, suspension of license forever.



Every licensed driver is issued a license badge to display on their clothing. Also, the taxi must display a plate on the vehicle's rear showing the license number and the council's contact details. This protocol is mandatory for every driver to make their identity visible to the passengers before hiring them.



Valid insurance covering all accidents is mandatory for taxi drivers. It is to ensure that in the case of any accident, an insurance policy is there to recover the losses.



Taxi drivers must conduct themselves professionally and courteously at all times. They are strictly prohibited from smoking or eating in their vehicle while on duty. Moreover, they are obliged to assist passengers with disabilities.


Penalties For Non-Compliance

Taxi drivers who do not follow the regulations set out by Guildford Council may face penalties, such as fines or the revocation of their license. The council takes non-compliance with regulations very seriously, as it is essential to ensure the safety and quality of the taxi service provided to the public. If any driver is found who does not follow the regulations, immediate action is taken, and they have to bear the consequences of their actions.


To Wrap It Up

Traveling in taxis is quite common in Guildford, thanks to the proper training of the drivers and regulations that people feel safe and comfortable in this mode of transport. These strict policies and protocols are necessary to ensure the safety and security of passengers. Had there been no rules and everyone who wanted to become a driver had the right to drive their taxi, the situation would have become chaotic. However, before picking your taxi service, you must be vigilant and pick the one that strictly follows the guidelines. 

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