Best Tourist Spots In Guildford To Visit In 2023

Best Tourist Spots In Guildford To Visit In 2023


It’s the start of 2023, and many tourists will be looking forward to exploring new places. They will have new experiences wherever they go. Everyone knows Guildford is ideal for people who want to explore historically rich sites. All the spots in this town are the best for tourists. To know more about the best tourist attractions in Guildford, read the blog ahead to find our top picks!


Guildford Castle:

The very first on our list is Guildford Castle. The place was originally a Norman motte-and-bailey fortress. Guildford Castle was reinforced several times over the next 300 years. However, it was initially a royal residence. In the 13th century, it was the residence of Henry III and his son Edward I. The castle has been shrinking since the 17th century. It all started when the roof was removed, but back in the early 2000s, it was restored.

If you are going to Guildford, you must visit this place. It has outstanding architecture, and you will learn a lot more about it. You can go to the top of the Great Tower for a clear panoramic view of Guildford and Surrey countryside. Tourists can click some amazing pictures from the top and make wonderful memories.

You can check out the gardens around this castle, which have colourful and vibrant flowerbeds. There’s a statue of Alice Through The Looking Glass, which is a memorial to the author Lewis Carroll. If you’re planning a trip, get in touch with us at Green Line Cars Minicab Service to enjoy our chauffeur service in Guildford!


Spike Heritage Centre:

The second on our list is Spike Heritage Centre. It is situated on the east side of Guildford. It can be an ideal opportunity for tourists to take a look at the interior of an Edwardian Workhouse.

Back in the day, these institutions provided employment and housing to the people. The Guildford Union Workhouse was started in 1838, while the Spike Casuals’ Ward goes back to 1905. It was constructed to keep the inmates in the building. In the early 2000s, the Spike was saved from demolition. It was recreated as a sightseeing tourist attraction.

Visitors can explore this place and check everything inside it. You will find a lot of information as to how it was built and how inmates used to spend their days in it. If you’re in a pickle about how you’ll get to or from your favourite site, worry no further and book our taxi cabs in Guildford.


Loseley Park:

Going outside the village of Compton, to the southwest of Guildford, you will find an Elizabethan manor house. It was completed in the 1560s, and since then, it has been going through minor changes. The materials used in the construction were from the dissolved Waverly Abbey.

The Queen used to stay at Loseley Park occasionally, and you will find carvings above the fireplace in the library area. Those carvings date back to 1570 and are proof of her stay there.

Visitors can find paintings of Anne Boleyn and the bedrooms which King James I and Queen Elizabeth I used. There’s a walled garden that was conceived by the renowned horticulturalists Gertrude Jekyll.


Watts Gallery:

This gallery was built for the Symbolist artist and sculptor George Frederic Watts. It was opened when he passed away in 1904. It is one of the galleries that you can find in the UK, which is dedicated to a single artist. It has over a hundred paintings that were created by George Frederic Watts.


Final Thoughts:

Travellers and tourists who will be heading to Guildford this year now know the places where you should go first. All of these places have a rich history, and you can explore them on your own or with loved ones. You will love each and every one of them for sure!

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